Smoking Woods

The addition of wood smoke to meats or even vegetables is what gives barbeque it's distinguishing flavor.  Any hard wood is acceptable and the results will vary from strong to mild, sweet to tangy, depending on the type of wood chosen. At St. Louis Home Fires, we can meet all of your smoking wood needs in one stop!

Alder ~ A traditional smoking wood from the Pacific Northwest.  Perfect for fish, absolutely the best with salmon.  Also suitable for pork and chicken.

Apple ~ Sweet and fruity.  Apple is best with port and poultry, but is suitable for all meats.

Black Walnut ~ An Ozark country wood that gives a more traditional smoked flavor. Good with beef and pork.

Cherry ~ A sweet aromatic wood good with most meats.  Imparts a rich mahogany color.

Gourmet Blend ~ A unique blend of Hickory, Apple, Sassafras and Wild Cherry. Great with beef, pork, poultry, seafood and wild game.

Grape ~ A sweet, light and delicate smoke.  Great for chicken or fish.

Hickory ~ An all time favorite with a rich, hearty taste.  Hickory is suitable for all types of meats.  Not recommended for fish.  Too much can leave meats bitter.

Jack Daniels ~ These are made from 100% charred white oak aging barrels.  As the whiskey ages it is drawn into the wood and remains after the barrel is emptied. These go well with anything.

Mesquite ~ A popular wood associated with southwest cooking.  Mesquite is a full-flavored smoke that if overdone can add a bitter taste to meats.  It is commonly used on beef, pork, poultry and game.

Mulberry ~ A sweet and tangy, mild smoke good for pork, ham, and poultry.

Oak ~ Assertive but pleasant with a smooth, mellow smoke.  Oak is great for all types of meats, especially beef.  What it can do for a brisket is beyond description.

Orange ~ Tangy, citrus smoke.  Great with poultry and seafood.  Gives food a caramel color.

Peach ~ Another lightly sweet and tangy fruitwood.  Good with most meats.

Pear ~ Another fruitwood similar in taste to apple.

Pecan ~ Pecan has a subtle richness and is somewhat nutty in flavor.  Sometimes described as a mellower form of Hickory.  it works well on all meats.

Persimmon ~ Exotic smoking wood from the Ozarks.  Very distinctive flavor.

Sassafras ~ Pungent and sweet.  Sassafras gives beef, pork or game a rich aroma and color.

Sugar Maple ~ A sweet, mild smoke. Sugar Maple works well with pork, poultry and veggies. Outstanding with ham.

Sweetwood Blend ~ A wonderful mix of apple, cherry, peach, pear and maple. Gives any meat a great flavor.

Tabasco ~ Made from white oak used aged barrels which gives this wood a distinct Tabasco spice flavor.

Wine Barrel Chips ~ These are made from 100% oak wine barrels, and then saturated with wine.  These are good with just about anything.

Come into St. Louis Home Fires to pick up the smoking woods of your choice, or to ask questions about what would work best for your next culinary creation!