Vintage Power Maxx Burner

The Vintage™ Power Maxx burner is for all of your BIG jobs. For crab boils, wok cooking, paella and much more, the 24″ Power Maxx burner gives you65,000 total BTU of heat over a large surface. • Heavy duty 3/8″ grates for large pots. • Independently controlled ring burners. • 304 stainless steel construction. • 20,000… Read more »

Double Side Burner

For simmering sauces, boiling beans, caramelizing onions and much, much more, the Vintage dual side burners are the perfect compliment to your Vintage grill. • (2) 17,000 BTU brass burners. • Wind protected • 9-volt electric ignition. • 304 stainless steel construction. • 3/8″ stainless steel grates. • Matching stainless steel cover included

Vintage Trash/Recycle Combo

This Built-In Unit allows you to store your Trash Bin or Recycling Bin out of site. With an all Stainless Steel construction, and slide out drawer for easy access.

Vintage Food Warmer

The Vintage Food Warmer is a great way to keep your side dishes warm while the main course is cookin’!  Please note, this is NOT a gas fired warmer. Sternos are used as a heating source.

Vintage Ice Chest w/ Speed Rail

The Vintage Ice Chest w/ Speed Rail is the home bartenders dream!  The perfect way to store your commonly used spirits, with a rear ice chest for convenience.

Vintage Side Sear Burner

With a heat output up to 1,700 degrees the side sear burner is the ideal accessory for quickly searing steaks, tuna or any recipe that requires an ultra-high heat source. With our stainless steel U-grates atop a ceramic infrared burner, excess fat is directed away from your food and leaves you with beautiful grill marks…. Read more »