Thermo-Rite Fireplace Doors

Founded in 1942 in Akron, Ohio, Thermo-Rite Manufacturing originated the tempered glass fire- place enclosure. In fact, Thermo-Rite was awarded the first United States Patent for tempered glass fireplace enclosures… a patent held exclusively by Thermo-Rite from 1946 to 1963. Even today, every Thermo-Rite product… without exception… is produced in our Akron, Ohio facility. From our founding to the present, Thermo-Rite has been a market pacesetter.

We began as a custom masonry door maker. Through continuous innovation, we were soon leading the industry in the production and popularization of high quality stock fireplace doors. Over the years, Thermo-Rite evolved with a wide and varied offering of models, styles and sizes to satisfy our customers’ needs for glass doors on custom masonry fireplaces, stock masonry fireplaces and many zero-clearance fireplaces. To please even the most discriminating customer, Thermo-Rite offers the industry’s largest in-stock selection of distinctive styles and finishes with a wide range of sizes to fit any décor and application.

If a stock door just won’t do, Thermo-Rite can custom-make a glass fireplace enclosure to suit any specifications. Like our stock fireplace enclosures, our custom made fireplace enclosure options include anodized aluminum, steel, solid brass and brass- plated steel. Thermo-Rite makes glass fireplace enclosures… exclusively. This single product focus enables us to offer quality fireplace enclosures… priced competitively…with on-time delivery… and, most importantly, service after-the-sale.Another guiding principle that sets Thermo-Rite apart is its uncompromising commitment to quality materials and precision manufacturing.

The design of Thermo-Rite fireplace enclosures are notable for their attention to detail which results in ease of installation, trouble-free operation and timeless beauty. Every aspect of Thermo-Rite products… from design and manufacture… to assembly… final inspection… and packaging is monitored and controlled at our modern Akron facility to ensure easy, convenient installation, superior performance and lasting beauty.

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