Cherry Smoking Wood

The second most used fruit wood. Slightly sweet fruity smoke that’s great with just about everything. It can blacken the skin of poultry making it look unappetizing, but will still taste great.  It’s an excellent candidate to mix with a lighter wood like apple or apricot to reduce the blackening.  What blackens the skin of… Read more »

Apricot Smoking Wood

Great substitute for apple as it is also milder and sweeter than hickory. Good with all meats.

Apple Smoking Wood

Probably the most used fruit smoke wood. The flavor is milder and sweeter than hickory. Ornamental apple trees like crab apple can be used as well. Good with all meats.

Sweet Beaver Barbeque Sauce

Sweet Beaver sauce is infused with flavorful blends of peppers and spices to create both the “sweet” and the “spicy” that you’re whole family will enjoy.

Ken’s Island Sunshine Hot Sauce

Medium Hot. This is slightly sweet & a little savory.  Take a tropical trip to a warm and sunny place and experience the perfect marriage of pineapples and scotch bonnet peppers.

Ken’s Red Thunder Hot Sauce

Medium Hot. This sauce is sweet, smoky and tangy. The main players are carrots, ginger, sweet red peppers, tangy tamarind, tart lime juice, rich honey, warm brown sugar and smoky lingering heat from chipotle and aged habaneros.

Kens’ Rio Grande Hot Sauce

Medium.  This is a savory Mexican style sauce. It is earthy, smoky and complex. The cast includes dried guajillo, de arbor and chipotle peppers with red habaneros for heat

Roadhouse Bar-B-Que Sauce

An old family recipe was the main inspiration in creating Roadhouse BBQ Sauce. Fat free, Cholesterol free, and very low. Great on Salmon steaks or fillets.