Smokin Brothers Premier “24”

The Premier Model “24” comes standard with insulated fire boxes, four multidirectional casters and the convenience of a built in work surface with the front loading hopper design.The “24” is a great cooking grill for all type of events. Cooking Surface: 646 sq. inches Weight: 175 lbs

Smokin Brothers “Barn-B-Que” (r)

Smokin Brothers Barn-B-Que (r)  Smokin Brothers has a long family tradition of farming.  As a tribute to our family heritage and all the farmers that work hard to put food on our grills, Smokin Brothers is proud to offer the Barn-B-Que (r).  The Barn-B-Que (r) provides the same easy to use steady smoking and grilling… Read more »

Smokin Brothers Traditional “30”

The “30” BBQ grill gives the added space for a large family or the person who takes barbequing very seriously.This grill allows for plenty of room for the main and course and side dishes to be cooked at the same time. Cooking Surface: 792 sq. inches Weight: 145 lbs

Smokin Brothers Traditional “20”

The “20” BBQ grill is the perfect size for any family that wants to start mastering backyard cooking techniques. It allows you to smoke, bake, grill and sear with the heavy duty porcelain grids. Cooking Surface: 527sq. inches Weight: 130 lbs

CookShack Stainless Steel Storage Cart SM009 & SM008 Series

Construction Stainless Steel Insulation Dimensions Overall Dimensions 22 3/4″ x 20 3/4″ x 17 3/4 “ Standard Equipment Cart with magnetic door closer connection, Instructions.  Use the casters from your current smoker (SM009-2) to attach to the cart. Optional Equipment 2″ casters, Smoker/Cart Cover Shipping Weight 49  lbs.

Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack Pellet Smoker Oven Model FEC100

The Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack FEC100 smoker is a 100% wood-burning, pellet-fired smoker with a Cookshack IQ5 electronic control system. The FEC100 is used by all types of barbecue operations. It meets requirements for all known barbecue competition sanctioning bodies. NSF and USDA Approved. Warnock Hersey and ETL Listed. The FEC100 has won dozens of… Read more »

CookShack AmeriQue Model SM066 Electric Smoker

Never again will you be surprised by what’s coming out of your smoker! Get championship results every time! Featuring digital technology, the AmeriQue allows you to smoke-cook your meat at a temperature and time that you set. When the cycle finishes, the AmeriQue automatically goes into its hold cycle. One of its most popular features… Read more »

CookShack SuperSmoker Model SM045 Electric Smoker

The Cookshack SuperSmoker Elite is the workhorse of our lineup of home smokers. With its big capacity you can smoke plenty of barbecue, fish, or game. Sturdy construction will give you years of use. Build it into your outdoor kitchen or use it free-standing. SuperSmokers are compact, easy to use, and turn out consistently delicious… Read more »

CookShack Smokette Elite Model SM025 Electric Smoker

Anyone can make professional quality old-fashioned smoked barbecue in their own backyard with the Cookshack Smokette Elite. The Cookshack Smokette Elite has some great features. By popular demand we have added an electronic temperature controller with a meat probe. Grills measure 14″ x 18″ to hold full slabs of ribs and whole briskets. Want to… Read more »